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But I Trusted You, Part 1

"But I trusted you!"


What is it about the human condition that leads us to feel comfortable enough with someone to trust them with our very being? How us it that we can become so enamored, or even so relaxed that we allow that person to have access to something so gentle, so precious? Ourselves…. and then, what happens when that trust is broken? When we feel betrayed by the one we thought would “value” us the way we do? How do we heal from that experience?

How do we take charge of our emotions and reclaim our right to walk away and trust someone else-hopefully someone that is more careful? Betrayal is a difficult beast to overcome. It has a way of making you feel like it’s your fault for being so “careless” and “comfortable” in the first place. I let my guard down. So how do I put it back up without shutting out everyone else? …. Read the signs. Life is about learning. What did I learn about trust, about comfort, about the thoughts and hearts of others that I didn’t know before? How can i apply this to future situations? We will heal. We do heal. It starts with forgiveness. Forgiving the other person and forgiving ourselves. And we need to remember how we got here so that when we see the signs again, we’ll recognize them and pull back before we get too…comfortable…

~Ms. Royalty


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