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Are You Creating Hurdles?

Are You Creating Hurdles?

A friend of mine brought to my attention how I create problems before even starting something new. We were talking about new opportunities - actually, at this particular point of the conversation we were talking about me becoming a new dog owner - and I immediately started listing all of the challenges that could potentially come along with that new endeavor. He asked me, “Why are you creating hurdles when you haven’t even started the process yet?”.


My response, “Look, I have to see the whole vision, consider all the variables before I commit to a decision.” He went on to explain that I was forming stressors without considering any of the benefits of the experience. And, I was limiting my own gifts, abilities, and resources. Yes, caring for a dog is work. But it’s not impossible, and I have the tools necessary to be successful.

I realized from that conversation that I have been doing this lately in almost every area of my life. Trying to figure out all the variables, considering every single aspect of a situation before moving forward. Why? "So I can be fully prepared." At least that's what I've been telling myself. And preparation is very important. But this mindset has been keeping me from advancing.

Sometimes, you have to just jump. It can be quite immobilizing when all the “challenges” are given more attention than the goal. My sister says it best when she asks me “Is the pain required to get there worth more than the pain of staying where you are and not progressing?” Yes. Yes it is. I’ve been walking with an anxious mindset instead of a faith one. I am in the process of overcoming, but it starts with me walking by faith.

~Ms. Royalty

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