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2023 Was A Year

So let me just was "life-ing" in 2023 :-D. With that being said, there was more good than bad....a lot more.

So first, I started off the year in physical therapy recovering from the shoulder surgery I had in December 2022. I had torn labrum that required surgical repair. To add, I ended up getting frozen shoulder and had to have a manipulation procedure to loosen all the scar tissue. Let's just say it was a lot more painful than what I was prepared for. However, a year later I am almost at 100%....Almost.

Next, I started law school this past fall. That. Was. Rough. Working full time and then going to school four days a week until late in the evening was a bit of a struggle. I still don't know how well I performed as grades have not yet been posted. But I can say that I made it to the end of the semester. I am actually prepping for the Spring semester as I am typing this blog.

Then, I had two teeth that cracked on me while eating a crunchy food, that both required root canals (not fun) and are still causing issues (yall I've been to the dentist like 6 times for these teeth!)

Lastly, I had to be honest with myself about a lot of personal things. I was unable to continue on with my therapy sessions as the therapist I was seeing left the practice. To add, the others weren't available during the times I was available (I was also still in physical therapy for my shoulder). But I did spend more times with my family and friends and was able to have quite a few "come to Jesus" moments. For example, I realized that I had been spending a lot of money in response to feeling a bit of depression that I hadn't recognized, or acknowledged. So of course that has caused something financial damage that needs repair.

But I will say that I am on the right track! I have connected with the right people, put in place the right parameters, am keeping up with a consistent schedule (planners definitely help), and am working to address my emotional "distresses" via exercise and fitness training.

I did receive good news at my first medical appointment of 2024. The largest fibroid has shrunken 4cm since having the UAE back in 2021. I have to say that it really lifted my spirit to learn that.

Anyway, upward and onward we go as new things begin at the start of the new calendar year.




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