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2020 Reflection

When I think about 2020, I want to cry. I went through a lot this past year: mentally, physically, emotionally… A LOT. I appreciate all that I learned during this time and I appreciate all that I gained. But honestly, I am still recovering from 2020.

I encountered many difficult “truths”:

about myself, about others, about relationships. Some things I hated. There are situations that I wish had never happened; experiences that I’d preferred to have left in the “undone”. But it is what it is now, and it cannot be changed. I cried more this past year than the past five years combined.

But one thing I gained that I truly needed is perspective. I needed to see things from a different angle. My heart had become hardened and it affected my outlook on life. I am better now…but I am definitely still working towards that wholeness again.

On the upside, I’ve accomplished goals that were set five years ago! So, I’ll take this time to celebrate my victories and continue on this journey to total healing.

~Ms. Royalty


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