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02 May 2023 Journal Entry

And God said… “Then why are you worried?”

To give a bit of context, I was listening to someone on Instagram talk about how we tend to ask God for things, marriage, promotions, etc., because we think those things will make us happy. Now, if you’ve read my book, The Process of Letting Go: 40 Days of Rediscovery and Healing, then you’d know that I surrendered those desires over to the Lord long ago. But during my prayer time this morning, I mentioned those things. How it’s not that I “need” any of those “accomplishments” to be happy, but that I know God told me and showed me that these things will happen. I just don’t know when and how at this point, especially with some of the health challenges I’ve had to deal with recently.

“Then why are you worried?”

That question came to me so clearly. And honestly, why am I worried? If it’s been revealed to me, and to others concerning my life, why worry? It would not have been revealed if it was not true.

This is about having more faith than fear. Have faith that God will give me the desires of my heart and not fear the how and when.

“Be faithful and have patience. Be patient and have faith.”

Faith is the operative word. I am working on increasing my faith. Standing in confidence that the seemingly impossible will come to past. Manifestation requires faith and speaking things out into the atmosphere activates that faith.

I am on a challenge this month to spend more time with the Lord each day and rebuild my faith. Let's just say these past few years, though very rewarding, have also been quite humbling.

Keep me encouraged yall!




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