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How Do I "Delight in the Lord"?

Being excited about the things of God… What it means to delight yourself in the Lord.

I’ve pondered over this scripture many times, not totally sure what it meant, but assuming it meant enjoying time spent with God. I am learning that it is more than that. It is about being intentional about my joy.

One day upon waking up, God told me to “be excited about the things of God”. At first, I though He was telling me to happy about what He was doing in my life, what was yet to come, and to praise Him wholeheartedly. While those aren’t necessarily wrong, it wasn’t totally correct. What He was telling me to do is intentionally be joyful about God’s presence in my life. This includes His instructions, His answers, His silence, the visions He’s given me for my life, the progress, my obedience, my healing, and my deliverance, among other things. He was telling me that this life is something to be excited about because of my relationship with Him through Christ.

It’s interesting that He said that to me then. I was at a point that I was literally heartbroken about all of the instructions God had given me. I had gotten to the point that I dreaded the thought of committing and obeying because I knew what I would have to sacrifice and the effort I would have to put into it. I knew it required diligence, and work, and I did not want to work that hard for something that was promised to me. In my mind, based on my understanding of His word, I ask with faith in Jesus’s name and I receive. Why do I have to fight battles, trample devils, get all A’s in school, win Olympic gold medals, and workout everyday just to receive the promises of God? I’m exaggerating, but there is some truth to this. Being in God’s kingdom is work, and I was tired of having to commit, to put forth so much effort, and then feel bad when I failed, or wait patiently for so long to receive the blessings and then learn I have to wait even longer.

I was hurt. But God showed me that scripture and it hit me. This life is work. No one said it was easy, but God did say He would be with us all the way. He would give us the energy and endurance to run the race. We just have to trust and obey. Changing my mindset helped a lot. Viewing my efforts as opportunities to experience the joyfulness of God on a different level made it easier to stay consistent. Walking with the Holy Spirit was the biggest help. I could not have done it without Him.

~Ms. Royalty


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I felt this! All of this!

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Devan Young
Devan Young
16 ene 2021

This is a WORD!!!

Me gusta
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