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My Experience With Fibroids

Now...this is a story all about how my life g--...How my alien baby was cut out of my belly! ....

Let me explain....

*WARNING: Photos below are medically graphic. Proceed with caution*.

So a few years ago, I had a other words, I had uterine fibroids (tumors that grow in/on the uterus) surgically removed. Prior to this point, I had a lot of pain and discomfort, particularly in my back and stomach, and the doctors I had at the time could not explain why. Fast forward a few years and it turned out that I had these fibroids. Granted, the largest measured at 8cm when they were discovered. By the time I went into surgery, not only had I gained 20 pounds (yes, people still don't believe it), but the largest fibroid grew to 12cm (about the size of a baby's head). After the surgery I learned that the doctor removed 9 fibroids. The largest one, or the "head" was lodged so deep into my back that it was literally pressing on my spine, acting as if it were part of my back muscles (and people thought I was exaggerating my pain). It took the surgeon 45 minutes just to get that one tumor out of my body!

The surgery went well and I didn't lose a lot of blood. But 6 months post surgery, a new one started to grow, and at 11months post op, I had multiples...again. This is the main reason I stopped eating meat. My research showed that animal products, soy, and gluten were contributors to fibroid growth. Also, I want kids. I must have a healthy uterus to do that (I shed a lot of tears over this one yall). Stress is also a contributor, and Black Women statistically have had higher rates of uterine fibroids than other ethnic groups (I wonder why....have you heard of the "bio-cultural"? There's a video I can share on it, if you're interested).

Though I still have a couple, they are contained, and are shrinking. So now, I am on this journey to become in even better health...Between fitness and eating better (I follow a plant-based diet), if nothing else, I ask that you guys keep me encouraged!

~Ms. Royalty

^The photos show me before surgery, the week after surgery, two weeks after surgery, and the "alien baby" that was removed.^

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1 Comment

Devan Young
Devan Young
Mar 01, 2021

OMG your testimony as your hold your baby will be a MINISTRY!!! Thank you for sharing!

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