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I am a young entrepreneur from Mount Morris, MI. I grew up just north of Flint and had a wealth of experiences that have shaped me in the most positive ways.

After obtaining my second master's degree, I left Michigan and relocated to a new state for a career opportunity. However, writing has always been at the core of who I am.

I remember telling my first grade teacher that I was going to be an author.  Well, here I am!


My blog posts and books are true expressions of the many thoughts, emotions, and experiences I have had, and am having, in my life.  I also highlight moments that were most difficult for me, but that ultimately led to my victory over depression.  I hope what I share inspires you and encourages you to keep pressing forward!

Thank you for visiting,

~Jeneé  " Royalty"  Price

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Blessings: Books by Ms. Royalty

Devotional Front

40-Day Devotional

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This 40-day devotional focuses on rediscovering our identity and cultivating a deeper relationship with the Most High.


Reflection Journal

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This reflection journal provides pages for written expressions and note taking as you go through the activities in the main book.


Weekly Planner

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Grab this 8-week planner to aid in tracking your weekly goals while doing your 40-day devotion.