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The Process of Letting Go:

40 Days of Rediscovery and Healing

This book doubles as an autobiography and 40-day devotional.  It covers my bought with depression and the spiritual journey that helped me to heal and overcome.

The Process of Letting Go

Reflection Journal

This reflection journal partners well with the devotional.  Though it can also be used on its own. It includes lined pages for written expression, note-taking, and more.

Available in Hardcover and Paperback.

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So This is What I Remember...

A Dream Journal

Having trouble remembering your dreams? Write them down! This journal includes lined pages for writing down those "night visions" to help dreamers who want to refer to their dreams later on.  If you're into dream interpretation, this journal also includes pages for element tracking to help recall the meanings of specific details in dreams.

Available in Hardcover and Paperback.

The Process of Letting Go:

Digital Planner

This digital planner is perfect for anyone who desires inspiration and encouragement, while also needing to organize their life!  It includes annual calendars with two blank calendars, allowing flexibility in when to start tracking days. This digital download also includes weekly planning sheets, reflection prompts, and note pages.

Available as a Pdf download.

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Digital Planner
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